Best Websites For Free Resume Builders

In the fast-paced and competitive job market, a standout resume is your passport to career success. Crafting an impressive resume has become more accessible than ever, thanks to the emergence of user-friendly online tools.

In this digital age, job seekers can harness the power of free resume builders offered by various websites to create polished and professional resumes that capture the attention of employers. Here are some of the best websites that you can use to build a modern resume.

Kickresume is an AI-powered resume-building platform that aims to help job seekers create impressive resumes quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  1. AI Resume Writer:

    • Utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4, a powerful language model.
    • Can generate the first draft of a resume in seconds.
    • Promises text indistinguishable from human writers.
  2. Resume Templates:

    • Offers 40+ ATS-friendly resume templates designed by HR experts and typographers.
    • Templates can be customized to create visually appealing resumes and cover letters.
    • Provides over a million design combinations.
  3. Resume Examples:

    • Showcases real resume examples from successful job seekers, including those from renowned companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, NASA, and Nike.
    • Offers profession-specific guides to help users write effective resumes and cover letters.
  4. AI Cover Letter Builder:

    • Generates cover letter drafts using artificial intelligence.
    • Users can choose templates that match their resumes for a cohesive job application.
  5. Resume Checker:

    • Assesses the quality of a resume by comparing it against other successful resumes in the database.
    • Provides instant feedback and personalized tips for improvement.
  6. Personal Website Builder:

    • Converts resumes into personal websites with a single click.
    • Aims to enhance online visibility for job seekers.
  7. Additional Features:

    • Provides a mobile version for creating and editing resumes on the go.
    • Offers proofreading services by human proofreaders.
    • Features a career blog with new guides every week.
    • Facilitates the matching of users with remote job opportunities.
  8. Security & Data Protection:

    • Hosted in the European Union, complying with GDPR for privacy and security.
    • Claims to give users full control over their data and ensures transparency.
    • Regularly undergoes penetration testing by ethical hackers to ensure data safety.
  9. Trust and Loyalty:

    • Emphasizes loyalty to customers and prioritizes trust.
    • States not sharing user data with third parties without user consent.

Overall, Kickresume combines AI-driven resume and cover letter generation with a variety of templates, examples, and additional tools to assist job seekers throughout their career journey, all while prioritizing data security and user trust.

Rezi is an innovative resume-building platform that leverages text-generation AI to automate the resume-creation process for users.

Key Features:

  1. AI Resume Bullet Writer:

    • Utilizes text generation AI to automatically create tailored and effective resume content.
    • Aims to eliminate the need for users to manually write their resumes.
  2. Top Company Hiring Focus:

    • Engineered with the goal of helping users get hired at top companies.
    • Emphasizes success by displaying logos of various companies, suggesting a focus on diverse employment opportunities.
  3. User Statistics:

    • Showcases user statistics to build credibility:
      • Over 1.65 million total users.
      • A 62% interview success rate.
      • An average user review rating of 8.23 out of 10.
  4. User-Friendly Process:

    • Three-step process:
      • Enter your job title to initiate the resume creation process.
      • Input any amount of content or allow Rezi AI Writer to complete the content.
      • Generate suggestions with the AI Writer and apply them or explore more ideas.
  5. Templates and Design Assistance:

    • Mentions the inclusion of templates to help users design resumes compatible with applicant tracking systems.
    • Features positive feedback from Ashley Stahl, a career contributor at Forbes.
  6. Pricing Structure:

    • Offers a free option with 6,000 AI credits for all accounts.
    • Partners with OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology, charging users based on AI power usage.
    • Provides pricing options:
      • $10 for 50,000 AI credits (single payment).
      • $29 per month for unlimited credits and access to Rezi Pro features.
  7. Rezi Pro Features:

    • Includes unlimited resumes and cover letters.
    • Incorporates AI keyword targeting.
    • Offers real-time content analysis.
    • Supports various document formats (PDF, DOCX, Drive Export).
    • Provides priority user support and access to all future updates.

Overall, Rezi positions itself as an AI-driven resume builder with a user-friendly interface, templates, and features designed to enhance users’ chances of success in their job search.

Teal is an AI-driven resume builder that aims to streamline the resume creation process and enhance job seekers’ chances of success in their job search.

Key Features:

  1. AI Resume Builder:

    • Offers a free online resume builder powered by AI.
    • Allows users to add information by uploading an existing resume or importing their LinkedIn profile.
    • Users can customize their resumes quickly and efficiently for each job application.
  2. Resume Templates:

    • Provides access to ATS-compliant professional resume templates.
    • Templates are customizable to add a personal touch with the help of a free resume maker.
  3. AI Bullet Builder:

    • Utilizes AI to generate resume summaries, achievements, and cover letters.
    • Aims to speed up the resume creation process for users.
  4. Resume Checker:

    • Offers real-time feedback and expert tips through a resume checker.
    • Provides step-by-step guidance to help users improve the quality of their resumes.
  5. Match Resume to Job Description:

    • Enables users to strengthen their resumes by incorporating keywords from job descriptions and format recommendations.
    • Highlights job posting keywords for users to customize their resumes accordingly.
  6. AI Cover Letter Generator:

    • Allows users to merge their resumes and job descriptions to create cover letters quickly.
    • Streamlines the cover letter creation process.
  7. User Testimonials:

    • Features positive testimonials from users, including professionals such as Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Dalby, E-learning Developer Michelle McRory, and SVP Strategy Devesh Sharma.
  8. Pricing and Premium Features:

    • Offers a free forever plan with basic features.
    • Premium features include unlimited resumes, templates, job tracking, email templates, and advanced resume analysis.
    • Premium users enjoy an ad-free experience and 24/7 email support.
    • Priced at $9 per week, billed weekly, monthly, or every three months.
  9. Additional Features:

    • Multiple resume formats, including applicant tracking system-friendly options.
    • AI-generated content for achievements, professional summaries, and cover letters.
    • Quality analysis tool for improving resume writing skills.
    • Allows users to import resumes from existing documents or LinkedIn profiles.
  10. Guidance and Recommendations:

  • Provides personalized guidance and recommendations to assist users in building impressive resumes for free.

Overall, Teal positions itself as an AI-powered resume builder with a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and various features designed to cater to the diverse needs of job seekers.

CakeResume is an online platform that offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for creating impressive resumes quickly.

Key Features:

  1. Professional Templates:

    • Provides a variety of professional resume templates and formats catering to different styles and preferences.
    • Templates include options such as international, experienced, academic, entry-level, successful, precision, capability, purity, classic, formal, creative, modern, minimalist, and infographic.
  2. Fully Customizable:

    • Allows users to stand out with customizable templates using a simple drag-and-drop editor.
    • Users can easily personalize their resumes to create a unique and professional look.
  3. Download for Free:

    • Enables users to download or print their resumes in PDF format for free.
    • Offers the option to share resumes online using links.
  4. Proven Resume Templates:

    • Promotes the use of professional resume formats to enhance visibility in the job search.
    • Positions itself as a tool to help users stand out with well-designed resumes.
  5. User Testimonials:

    • Features positive testimonials from users, including Chiara de Caro (Team Lead · Online Marketing Manager), Patrick Dobson (Full-Stack Web Developer), Benjamin Attia (Research Associate), and Christy Lee (Research Associate).
    • Testimonials highlight CakeResume’s speed, ease of use, stunning design templates, and effectiveness in presenting information concisely and visually appealing.

User Feedback:

  • Chiara de Caro emphasizes CakeResume’s speed, ease of use, and stunning design templates, praising it as a fantastic tool for building a CV.
  • Patrick Dobson attributes his best job leads to the positive impressions made by his CakeResume-designed resume.
  • Benjamin Attia appreciates how CakeResume helped him present his extensive experience, publications, and awards concisely in a visually appealing manner.
  • Christy Lee recommends CakeResume to friends, noting its ease of use and the enjoyable experience of seeing the resume come together.

Overall, CakeResume positions itself as a quick, easy-to-use, and visually appealing online platform for creating customizable and professional resumes across various templates.

Novorésumé is an online resume builder that positions itself as a tool capable of getting users hired by prestigious companies such as BBC, Google, Apple, Tesla, and Airbnb.

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly and Quick:

    • Allows users to create an impressive resume in as little as 5 minutes.
    • Offers a straightforward process without the need for credit card information.
  2. Featured In:

    • Displays logos of media outlets such as Business Insider, Interesting Engineering, Recruiter, Lifehacker, Independent, and Forbes, indicating the platform’s recognition and visibility.
  3. User Testimonials:

    • Features positive testimonials from users who claim success in securing jobs with leading companies like Badu Networks, Google, Apple, and Airbnb.
    • Testimonials highlight the effectiveness of Novorésumé’s layouts, enhancement hints, and sleek design templates.
  4. Resume Templates:

    • Provides a variety of handcrafted resume templates catering to different career paths, including creative, professional, college, and others.
    • Positions itself as a tool that offers customization options for users to personalize their resumes.
  5. Free and Premium Features:

    • Offers both free and premium features, allowing users flexibility in choosing based on their preferences and budget.
    • Premium features include unlimited design options, cover letter templates, extended page limits, and other advantages.
  6. ATS-Friendly and Real-time Feedback:

    • Ensures that resume templates are ATS-friendly, preventing automatic rejection by Applicant Tracking Systems.
    • Features a live content analyzer that provides real-time feedback on resume content.
  7. Live Content Editing:

    • Allows users to see dynamic changes to their resumes in real-time as they fill in information and customize layouts.
  8. Job Seeker’s Masterclass:

    • Offers a Job Search Masterclass for users with limited career experience, providing guidance on creating attention-grabbing resumes, acing interviews, and finding a job they love.

Premium Features:

  • Unlimited design options for resume customization.
  • Cover letter templates for a comprehensive job application.
  • Capability to create resumes with more than one page, suitable for individuals with extensive experience.

Overall, Novorésumé positions itself as a user-friendly and effective online resume builder with a focus on customization, sleek design templates, and success stories from users securing positions in renowned companies.

A resume is an important element in your job search and to be able to stand out, you need to have the right tools and skills to craft one. To improve your resume, read more on How to Write a Resume.